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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Can't Humans Drink Salt Water?

Interesting facts about the frequent questions we often ask everyday (vip03)

Surely some of you guys have ever heard if a lot of sailors were die when they were sailing because of thirsty. Even though We all know that it should be much abundant water in the sea. Now I would explain why and what's make human couldn't drink the salt liquid.

Lets see the explanation..

People need to drink water because water is a major part of every cell in our bodies. The less water will suffer dehydration, lack of water in the cell body, so the body can't work properly.

When one person on board was suffering from thirst, he was tempted to drink sea water. However, sea water is a salt water and salty water can't help putting water into the human's cell body. Instead to make the body cells lose of water which still owns. This occurs because the natural process called osmosis, which makes liquids through the thin walls of the cell body.

Usually the water that reached the cell is lighter than salt water that is in a cell. Thus the water can penetrate the cell wall and through into the cell. But salt water is heavier than the water in the cell. When the salt water reached the cell, the water inside the cell pass through cell walls join with salt water outside the cell. So people who drink salt water, make him more thirsty.

A famous poem reads:
Water, water, water is everywhere but not a drop to drink.
It's like what happens when a sailor suffering from thirst, there is plenty of water, but not a drop to drink.

Osmosis process :

Pict 01

Pict 02

Did You Know? (FYI)

When a cell is inserted into the solution with the situation is more dense (higher concentration / hypertonic), then the water in the cells will be separated out so the cells will be wrinkled. This situation is called plasmolysis.

When a cell is inserted into the solution with a more liquid state (lower concentration / hypotonic), the water in the cells will increase so the cell will be bulging and rupture. This situation is called hemolysis.

When a cell is in solution with the same concentration of cells (isotonic), it will not happen anything.

Illustration :

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