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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Keong Racun (Venomous Snail)

haha.. What's in your mind when you were seeing this "Venomous Snail" title?
It isn't about science explanation about venomous snail, but it is only a title of a song in Indonesia.

Whatever.. Let's begin the story :)

Once upon a time, there were two girls from Bandung city named Shinta and Jojo. They still are students in the college. One day they were having fun with making videos of themselves, singing songs of the lipsync and uploaded it to Youtube.

And Then..

Initially, the videos were only seen by few people, the extent of their closest friends and family. But the videos were stealing the attention of the netters on the virtual world especially "Keong Racun" and became Trending topic on micro blogging site Twitter on July 27, 2010. After that, the media was busy preaching both like an artist and finally they live happily ever after.

--------The end--------

Jojo (Left) and Shinta (Right)

Actually the song has already exists and sung by Lissa, a dangdut singer. But, It becomes popular now after the song (Keong Racun) was sung with lipsync by Shinta and Jojo. That is a short story how do Shinta and Jojo become the famous artists in Indonesia now a days.

hahaha .. how funny this country is. Yes, That is Indonesia, full of sensation. After Ariel Peterporn, now venomous snail, and then what else next? =p
I wonder actually how many the twitter users in Indonesia are. It seems that Indonesian people really love tweeting to each others =)

Although there were many sensation in Indonesia Entertainment world, but this time it's okay .. not too bad though if we compare it to the artist from the Philippines Moymoy palaboy (who is famous from this similar things) is still very different in quality, but at least it could make the majority of Indonesian society laughed and happy after have seen this two girls on youtube. haha XD

This is the video of Keong Racun by Jojo Shinta (lipsync)

Original Lyrics

Dasar kau keong racun
Baru kenal eh ngajak tidur
Ngomong nggak sopan santun
Kau anggap aku ayam kampung
Kau rayu diriku
Kau goda diriku
Kau colek diriku
Eh ku takut sekali
tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy
Eh kau tak tahu malu
Tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy

Mulut kumat kemot
Matanya melotot
Lihat body semok
Pikiranmu jorok
Mentang-mentang kau kaya
Aku dianggap jablay
Dasar koboy kucai
Ngajak check-in dan santai
Sorry sorry sorry jack
Jangan remehkan aku
Sorry sorry sorry bang
Ku bukan cewek murahan

Back to Reff, *, Reff

English Lyrics (Translation)
by fnflife

What the fuck venomous snail you are
just first met eh (you) ask me to make out.
(you) speak without manners
You think I'm a chicken
You flirt me
You tease me
You dab me
Eh I'm so scared
blunty you persuade (me) to have fun.
Eh you are shameless
blunty you persuade (me) to have fun.

(Your)mouth is mumbling.
Your eyes is glaring
Seeing plump body
Your mind is filthy
whilst you're rich
I am assumed as bitch
What the garlic chives cowboy (you are)
invite check-in and relax
sorry sorry sorry jack
don't underestimate me
sorry sorry sorry sir
i am not hooker

Back to Reff, *, Reff

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