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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Origin of The Month Names

Month is certainly something that isn't familiar to everyone. Once people are greatly helped in carrying out their activities because of the month existence . Just imagine if until now we hasn't had month / day, Sure we will be hard to remember when we do some works, and definitely will be get a headache when someone asked what day it is. Today is 127th day, the next day will be 128th day. Oh my God! Maybe every people will become insane at the moment. Haha.

Now, does anybody want to know about what the origin of the month names, which, of course, is used by all human beings nowadays, is? This is an explanation of the origin of the Month in January until December. The origin of the month names was closely associated with the Romans in the past.

Let's check it out.

The First Month

Long time ago in the calendar there was only ten months. Not like now, twelve months. But one of the Roman Emperor added two more months to be twelve months. One additional month is January.

Why the month is named like that?
The Romans believed in the God Janus, the two-faced God. One face looking forward, which means always looking toward the future. Meanwhile, another face looking back. That means he will always remember the things that ever happened in the past.

In January people are generally doing this, right? Always want to know what will happen in time to come and remember things that never happened in the last year.

Since then, the first month of every year is called the month Januarius. Now, we call it in January.

Picture 01. Janus God

Picture 02. Janus God

The Second Month

The additional month after the month of January was February. Before that, the first month of a year beginning with the month of March. January and February was placed at the very end of each year.

Why is two months after the January called February?
In the second month, the Romans realized the sins and mistakes that made in those years ago.

In the next month they want to rid themselves of all sins and mistakes and do not want to repeat the mistakes again.

Cleaned up in a Roman language is FEBRUUM. From that word, the second additional month was named Februarius. Now we call it in February.

When the emperor Julius Caesar's reign, he moved in January and February in front, before the March, so the order of a month so as we know now a days.

The Third Month

Ancient times, people who lived in southern Europe, believe that there was a god called god Mars, the god of war.

They are the people who live near the city of Rome right now. Rome Nation has always wanted to honor the Roman god Mars.

Therefore the third month in a year called Martius month. Now we call it in March.

Picture.03 Mars/Ares

The Fourth Month

The name of the fourth month is April. What does it mean? In the fourth month, the earth we live on to is open up. In the that months there is growing season for all the plants. And the earth opens themselves to plants or plant can grow.

Opens in a Roman language is APEIRO. So from that, the fourth month was named the month of Aprilis. We now call it in April.

The Fifth Month

May is the name of the fifth month. It originates from the word Maia, the name of a goddess. Maia is the protector goddess for new plants.

She is always helpful to be able to grow plants well.
That's why the fifth month is called the Maius, in honor of the goddess Maia. Now on that month, we all known by name in May.

Picture.04 Goddess Maia

The Sixth Month

Beside of believing in the goddess Maia, the Romans also believe the goddess Juno. Goddess Juno is more important than the goddess Maia, because she is the most powerful goddess. Juno is the queen of all gods and goddesses. Therefore, this goddess has to have more respects. So, the sixth month in a year was called Junius month. We call it the month of June.

Picture.05 Goddess Juno

Picture.06 Goddess Juno

The Seventh Month

Yes, July is the name of the seventh month. You all must remember that there was a Roman emperor who was egrigious, whose name was Julius Caesar. Romans very proud of and respect for the emperor. So the seventh month was named after Caesar, Julius. We call it the month of July.

Picture.07 Julius Caesar

The Eighth Month

Julius Caesar had a nephew named August. When Julius Caesar died, August inherited the throne. When ordered, August also wanted most illustrious as Julius Caesar. Therefore, the eighth month are given the same name for him, August.

Picture.08 August Caesar

But August made a little change, he knew the amount of July is 31 days. Because the more respected of emperor Julius Caesar, then emperor August wanted to like it too. Thus he took one day in February to be added to the month of August. Now that August day is 31 days, same as with the month in July. That way, the emperor August feel the same position with the emperor Julius Caesar.

Picture.09 August Caesar

The Ninth Month

In the Month of January have already told that in the Roman calendar there are only 10 months. September is actually the seventh month. Number seven in Roman language is Septem.From where it was called the seventh month of September. But then, there are additional two months, February and January, so September is now shifted to the ninth month.

The Tenth Month

October is the name of the eighth month. Origins from the word Latin, octo, meaning eight. As I has been told before, because the addition of January and February, the Month of October has now been changed as of September, which is to become the tenth month.

The Eleventh Month

November is now the eleventh month. Before additional months of January and February, the month of November was the ninth. It originates from the Latin November, which means nine.

The Twelfth Month

December is the twelfth or last month in one year. Before the month in January and February, December is the tenth month. Origin of this name is from the Latin word, DECEM, which means ten.

But because of the additional two months, January and February, so December is now the last month in one year or twelve months.(end)

The end .. haha , or maybe is there anyone who wants to add the thirtieth month?
I hope this article can be add information to all of you. Don't forget to rate^^ Thank you..


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