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Friday, June 25, 2010

True Love (1st Version)

Once upon a time, in a luxurious house lying on a town's edge, there lived a couple of married. At a glance, they were a very happy couple. Both lived in truly harmonic atmosphere. Their neighbors also knew how they persevered to get the established life as then. Unfortunately, that couple hadn't been complete. In their 10-year marriage, they hadn't been blessed any child as highly hoped.

Therefore, although they still loved each other, the husband wanted to divorce his wife because pretended not to be able to give offsprings as next generation. After passing a great debate, his wife finally surrendered on her husband's decision to divorce.

With uncertain feeling, the couple told the divorce plan to their parents. Although their parents didn't agree, but apparently rounded decision had been made by the husband. After talking quite long and sticky, both of their parents with heavy heart approved that divorce plan. But, they asked a term, which was that their divorce was celebrated in a party that was as big as the party when they married.

In order not to disappoint both of their parents, the term was agreed. A few days later, the party was celebrated. Really, that was a party that didn't please any invited persons present. The husband looked depressed and continuously drank arrack. Meanwhile his wife looked constantly daydreamed and occasionally wiped her tear on his cheeks. In the middle time of husband's confusion, the husband said loudly to his wife, ”My wife, when you go later, any valuable stuffs that you like or you love, take and bring it! I will not prohibit it! I will accept it.” After saying that, soon the husband went drunken until eventually were unconscious.

Next day, after the party finished, the husband were awoken from his sleep with his head throbbing. He felt not knowing circumstance around him except the one who had been recognized by him for years, that is his wife. Then, he asked, “Where am I? Why is this not our bedroom? Am I still drunken and dreaming? Please explain.”

The wife stared at his wife with full love and with eyes glistening replied, “My husband, this is a room in my parents’ house. Yesterday in front of all guests you said to me that I could bring any valuable stuffs that I wanted. In this world, there is nothing that is more precious and I love more with the deepest of my heart besides you. Remember, you have promised that you wouldn’t prohibit and would accept it.”

With shock feeling after being conscious a while, the husband woke up and hugged his wife, “I am so sorry, my wife. I was truly fool and didn’t realize how deep your love was to me. Although I had hurt your heart and intended to divorce you, but you still wanted to bring me together with you in any situations.”

They embraced and cried on each other. After that, that couple also healed their promise to love each other until death separates them.

Source: 20 WISDOM & SUCCESS: Classical Motivation Stories 4 (Andrie Wongso)

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