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Friday, June 25, 2010

True Love (2nd Version)

That morning, the clinic is very busy. Around 9.30 a.m., a 70-year-old man came to open the stitches of wound in his thumb. I prepared the archive and asked him to wait, because all doctors were still busy.

Perhaps that man may just be handled at least an hour later. While waiting, he looked anxious, occasionally looked at his watch.

I felt pity. So, in leisure, I took my time to check his wound, and apparently it seemed quite good and dry, just to open the stitches and put on bandage.

That job was not too difficult, so as the doctor’s agreement, I decided to do it by myself. While handling his wound, I asked whether he had another promise which caused him to look hurry.

The old man answered no, he would go to an old folks’ home to have a lunch with his wife, as he did it everyday. He storied that his wife, who suffered Alzheimer, had been taken care of since some time ago.

Then, I asked whether his wife would be angry if he came lately. He replied that his wife couldn’t have recognized him again since 5 years ago.

I was really shocked and said: You still go there everyday although you wife don’t recognize you anymore? He smiled when lightly blowing his hand to my hand and said: Surely, she doesn’t know me, but I still know her, don’t I?

I continuously held my tear until that old man went away, my body still felt eerie. Love like that which I have in this life. True love which is actually not physical and romantic.

True love is accepting whatever it is now, which has happened, which will happen, and which will never happen. For me, this experience tells one important message: People who are the happiest are people who should not have everything the best, but can do the best with what they have.

Source: Lonceng Katedral: Media Komunikasi Antar Umat; Mei-Juni 2010 (Dewan Paroki Katedral)

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