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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to our site. ^^ We are very grateful to all of you who are taking your time to visit our site. Hope you are always healthy and happy. :D

Have you ever wondered about something related to this life? For example, when you were a child, you asked your mom or your dad who you were. How you were formed. Then, when you had grown up into a teenager, you asked your biology teacher why life exists, why humans are created as a unique species and different with others, who can rule this earth, how a tiny cell becomes a tree or a dog, how the human mind works, or how the different forms of life in the forest interact.

Perhaps some of your questions relate to health or societal or environmental issues such as global warming, diseases, or maybe you have wondered about emotional things like how we can get happiness, what love is, etc.

Yes. When you do that, you are already starting to explore your life. Why do we say explore? Because only normal people can explore their life, except you are a crazy person who doesn't want to know who you are. I'm not sure if there is a person who doesn't want to know about mystery of this life.

We often hear people say that life is beautiful. But it's not enough if we only admire our life. Let's start to find out everything that we wanna know about our life. :p How amazing life is! That's why our site were named "From & 4 Life". :D

Maybe some of you want to know what the contents of our site are. Our site contains everything about life, whether it is information or opinion or discussion, or anything. We provide many theme of life as you could see on the menu. Let's learn together about life!! ^^

Finally, we hope that you feel like home in our site and all information we provide is useful for you. Happy reading! ^^ Have a nice day! ^^

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