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Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta

Movie Review

Title: 3 Hati 2 Dunia 1 Cinta (meaning: 3 Hearts 2 Worlds 1 Love)
Genre: Drama
Producer: Putut Widjanarko
Production: Mizan Production
Homepage: http://www.film3hati.com
Category: Teenage
Duration: 100 minutes
Main Cast: Reza Rahadian, Laura Basuki, Arumi Bachsin.

A Moslem guy. A Catholic girl. Will they live happily ever after?

Rosid is an idealist Moslem guy and obsessed to be a famous artist as WS Rendra. Rosid’s artist style, which is afro hair, makes Mansur, his father, mad because it is impossible for Rosid to wear a peci, a cap usually Moslem men wear. Besides a peci—for Mansur—is a symbol of piety and loyalty to religion tradition. For Rosid, not only his afro hair which makes him not able to wear a peci, but also because Rosid doesn’t want his variety is combined with ancestor tradition which is sacred.

Delia, a sweet-faced Catholic girl, is attracted to Rosid. Of course this is a reckless relationship. Rosid and Delia are two youth who is rational in responding difference. But which parent is willing with their love story. Therefore, they find solution to separate Rosid and Delia. Frans and Martha’s skill, Delia’s parents, is trying to send Delia to school in US. It is different to Mansur. He takes an effort to melt Rosid down by asking Said’s advice, his cousin who is brave to deceive him in fact.

Muzna, mother that is highly honoured by Rosid, even steps in. The mother with Rodiah’s help, her husband’s sibling, matches Rosid with Nabila, a beautiful hijabbed girl who obviously idolizes Rosid, the poet. Indeed, Rosid and Delia’s love is very strong, as well as the challenge. Besides religion difference, there is a psychologic pressure which has to be faced if they continue that relationship until marriage. Will they succeed in coming together in marriage? Certainly, no one knows the fate of love.

Review (according to fnflife):

1. Idea
The idea is absolutely excellent! This film is brave to raise a social cultural issue in Indonesia which is marriage between two persons that have different religions. Indonesian parents are reluctant to marry their child with someone who has different religion, especially Moslems.

2. Plot
The introduction is fully funny and clear. The only thing that is confusing is the fact that Rosid and Delia have been in a relationship with each other when the film has begun. The middle part totally makes us curious about what will happen. Unfortunately, the ending is very very bad, really disappointing because the ending apparently doesn't make any sense, seems unfinished story and is insisted to finish. The ending is the worst part of all.

3. Acting
Almost perfect! All actors and actresses did their job greatly. Their acting totally made us laugh out loud with fresh and natural jokes.

4. Message
Although the topic is very good, we didn't get the main message of this film. It seems unrelated between the ending and the theme. If the director brave to lift up the marriage with different faith as the theme, It's supposed to be the exact answers for that, yes or no, not be suspended like this. Because We are sure that everyone who were watching this film, really did want to know whether it is a possibility to live happily ever after of the different faith marriage. If it is not, it's ok, no problem. Sure with the reason, so the message was clear and be delivered. It's only very unfortunate that the ending was like that.

On the other hand, Overall, it was a very great Indonesian movie and seems would be one of the best Indonesian film in this years. No sexuality contents, full of joke scenes, great performance. It's very recommended film for everyone especially teenager.

Rating (according to fnflife):

Rating: 7.3/10


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