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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plastic Surgery for Beauty, Should Be or Not?

By: Tomy Lie

Before we start, I want to make the same perception among us. The plastic surgery that I mean in this article is plastic surgery for beauty, not for the sick.

There are many people who cons with plastic surgery and even there was also a case that an artist who did committed suicide by the reason that she couldn’t take any insult from society that claim for her unnatural beauty. As we have known, we could say that South Korea is one of the highest plastic surgery countries beside USA. Many sources said that almost people in Korea have done plastic surgery both artist and ordinary people. Even many parents in there gave her daughters to have plastic surgery as a 17 years birthday present. The cost of operation is relative cheap which can be reached by the middle economic society. I am confused why people still cons with plastic surgery. After I thought, I didn’t find any negative things from this beauty plastic surgery.

First, I wanna tell you about democracy. I am really like the principle from democracy where all of us are free to do anything that we want as a human (do our rights) provide that we don’t harm/injure others. Do you want to sing out loud? Yes, It’s welcome. It’s up to you. It is your rights to sing loudly. As long as you do not do it in the hospital which will harm/disturb many sick people, why not? You can do it in the right place.

Therefore, plastic surgery is a freedom/rights of every human being to beautify themselves. Will you feel disturbed if you are standing with someone who has done plastic surgery? Even you won’t feel any difference. Compare If you are in beside people who is smoking whereas you don’t like smoking. It is really disturbing you, isn’t it? Or your stuffs were stolen, you have a reason to mad, because your rights to have your stuffs is deprived. The main things that you should be marked is plastic surgery doesn’t disturb the others freedom and of course they were using their own money for beautify themselves. Is that wrong?

On the other hand, If there is a question that plastic surgery will be make negative effect on their own in the future, I think the impact will be received by themselves, not yourselves. So, In fact, Why do many people feel annoyed? Or even hate the actress who has done a plastic surgery.

Second, Besides plastic surgery doesn’t disturb others, even it would be the positive things both to themselves and other people. For themselves, the people who has plastic surgery, they will feel better and confident and of course they will be happy in their life. The purpose of plastic surgery is to make people become beautiful, isn’t it? Beauty is a positive things, isn’t it? All of us, as normal people, agree that we will be happier when we see someone who is beautiful instead of the bad one.

For Example, a Korea actress didn’t have a plastic surgery, Imagine that if she has an ugly face, so surely She will be enthused by a little people or won’t have a many fans. But when she could (have a money) and she take a plastic surgery, surely she will be more beautiful (even though the surgery doesn’t guarantee 100% success) and her fans will be increased. Wow, That is very noble if someone can make many people happy. Indirectly, the actress has make all of her fans happy because of her beauty.


Indeed not all of beauty determine the popularity, but in fact, mostly happens in this world today is like that. Believe it or not, everyone will judge someone at the first time from their appearance. Do you have an idol whom you are really interested? But, Have you ever seen your idol directly and fully interacted with him/her? Surely I think all of us haven’t. Moreover, you have already known her/his personality. On the other hand, certainly you are happy when you are talking about your idol with the others. Come on.. Is it true, right? XD Indirectly, your idol makes you happy, not to mention to other fans. This is a very positive things, isn’t it? I am confused why there are many people usually only see something from the negative side. Won’t we be better if we always think positively?

Third, from the medicine side, many people said that plastic surgery would give a negative effect in the future. I think there isn’t enough many prove to say that is true, only the theory. So, Why should we think something that is uncertain? That is different from smoke/drugs which is proved bad for health. Moreover someone’s beauty will not be eternal, of course all of human would like beauty in their productive age, not in the elderly age.

Then, from the religion side, there are many religious people said that humans are inappropriate to change themselves because have created well by God. So, if they change themselves, it’s mean that they don’t appreciate themselves as God’s creatures. Sure, This thing depends to each faith. From my own opinion, as I have told you before, provided anything if we do with good purpose/intention, even more for the benefit of people, is very a noble. Noble things in my opinion is desired by God. Didn’t God tell us to do kindness to others? This is the main concept of all dogma, isn’t it?

Finally, my conclusion is I didn’t find something negative from plastic surgery. On the contrary, I find many positive things that we can gain. But Why do people always assume someone having plastic surgery is bad?

Do you have another opinion? Let’s discuss it together!

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