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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being A Good Parent Figure

Which parent doesn't want to be an idol of his/her children? Viewed as a figure who protects, advises, as a "hero", a friend, and also being a role model. There are many things that can be done to be that figure, here they are among others.

Giving mutual time in business or daily routinity is a good beginning to start build neighbourhood with the children. Then, they will feel warmth as well as full affection.

Developing good communication is also another thing to construct closeness with the children. Try in order that the communication which happens goes both ways, meaning not only parents who talk, but also give also time to the children to tell their idea.

Avoid to be arrogant to the children. While they are telling opposite view, do not immediately snap at them, in contrast, persuade them to have discussion so as mutual comprehension is formed.

Disciplining the children is the same thing. Do not use violence to punish them, even when they have become adults because it can make resentment in their heart.

Give them understanding about their guilties, and advise them patiently and properly, because you are a role model and their horseblock. If you say harsh words to them, it can cause your children to have poor self-image in themselves.

Remember that assignment as a parent never ends. Even when your children have grown up and are ready to leave their house, they still need your guidance.

Therefore, if your children ask and still need advice, give them the best counsel. Don't pretend that they have been great and can decide or solve problems by themselves.

Source: KOMPAS; Saturday, 17th July 2010

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